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Black, white, nude or gray Modest Middles!
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Modest Middles Nursing Tank Top with patented "U-Shaped" design and extra long torso length made in the USA. This tank is made of high-quality, 93% modal/7%lycra fabric to provide comfort and coverage around a nursing mom's middle while still leaving easy access to the nursing bra. It is meant to be worn under any shirt. With Modest Middles you can truly "Wear What You Want" and be comfortable and confident doing it! (nursing bra not included)


Size Guide: Modest Middle are designed for women to wear right after having a baby and throughout the time their baby is nursing. To order, choose the Modest Middles size RANGE that best describes your PRE-PREGNANCY shirt size.

Pre-Pregnancy/Modest Middles Size Ranges:

Size Range 3-7

Size Range 8-12

Size Range 13+


  • The U-shaped cutout takes the worry out of fitting over/around your rapidly-changing breast size.
  • The super-stretchy fabric will stretch to cover your middle right after you have your baby and still "remember" it's size after daily use so that you can comfortably wear the same Modest Middle as you loose your baby weight.
  • The adjustable straps can be used to make the Modest Middle's bottom hem lay just where YOU like it.
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